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High-Quality Noticeboards at a Great Price

Looking for a new noticeboard or Whiteboard for your school or office? We’ve got the best range of products here at The Whiteboard and Noticeboard Shop plus the best prices. Our simple ordering system combined with excellent customer service makes us the go-to supplier of notice boards and White Boards for all purposes. Feel free to browse through our collection and find the perfect noticeboard or Whiteboard today.

Extensive Range of Products

We supply an extensive range of noticeboards and supplies to schools, offices and the general public all over the UK. Our customers come to us because they know they will find an extensive range of high-quality products for all their requirements, at a price that can’t be beaten.

Whether you are looking for a small or large notice board, mobile noticeboards, lockable noticeboards, office notice boards, eco-friendly noticeboards or combi notice boards, you’ll find a wide selection of products right here, ready to order.

We can even arrange bespoke notice boards to ensure you find the perfect product for your needs even if you can’t see what you want in our standard collection. Just ask to find out more.

As well as notice boards, you will also find a range of other products at The Noticeboard Shop, including display boards, exhibition boards, projection screens and even furniture. Looking for a high-quality pin board? Look no further, we’ve got the pinboard you need.
Competitive Prices on All Products

We make it our aim to keep prices as low as possible without letting that affect the quality of our products. We are a web-based business, which means we have lower overheads and we make sure these lower operating costs go directly into lower prices for our customers. At the same time, we spend a lot of time negotiating the best contracts with the top manufacturers in the industry, meaning we can get the best notice boards to you for less.

Free UK Delivery

On top of our competitive prices, we also provide free standard UK deliver on all our products. There are no hidden costs when you order with us, but if you want to arrange special arrangements for a faster delivery then this can be sorted out with ease.

Fast & Efficient

We believe here at The Noticeboard Shop in making the ordering process as fast and efficient as possible so the experience is convenient for you. That’s why we have a simple and secure online ordering system in place so you can make your purchase directly via our website. You can pay online or by cheque, whichever is most convenient, and your order will be processed within 10 working days – but often a lot sooner.

Excellent Customer Service

As well as making the service as convenient as possible for you when you buy your noticeboards from us, we also ensure that our customer service is second to none. We’ll be happy to help you out with your order to make it as convenient as possible, and if you have any questions, just get in touch.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect notice board in the home, office or classroom here at The Noticeboard Shop.

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